October 4, 2019

Surat Ash-Sharh Lapbook Templates

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I have another fun lapbook to show you today.  Surat Ash-Sharh Lapbook.  InshaAllah you and your children find it of benefit.

Basic Facts about Surat Ash-Sharh:

This surah is number 94 in the Quran.  It was revealed in Mecca.  It gets its name from the word “nush-rah” which means we expanded.  This word is used in the first ayah.  This surah is sometimes called Surat Al-Inshirah or Surah Alam-Nushrah.

Surah Summary:

This surah is special because Allah(SWT) is talking directly to Prophet Muhammad(SAAS).  Allah(SWT) is telling him about the special blessings and mercies he has bestowed upon him.   There are three surahs in the Quran where Allah(SWT) speaks directly to the Prophet(SAAS).  They are :

  • Surat Al-Kawthar
  • Surat Ad-Duha
  • Surat Ash-Sharh

In this surah Allah reminds the Prophet(SAAS) of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon me.  One is Allah expanded his heart to Islam.  The second is He forgave him for all his sins.  The last blessing is He raised the status of the Prophet(SAAS).

Allah reminds us in this surah that Allah will make things easy for us after a difficulty.  This ayah is repeated twice to reinforce what He is saying.

A grammar note, when Allah mentions this ayah He uses the word “al-oosr” which means difficulty and it is singular.  It is a singular difficulty.  When Allah mentions ease in the ayah, the word in arabic is “yoos-ra, ” This means ease or relief and it is plural.  So what Alla his telling us is that after a single difficulty, Allah blesses us with more than one relief.  SubhanAllah!

Allah also tells us in this surah that after He has relieved us of our difficulty, He wants us to be grateful.  He taught how to be grateful by telling us whe we are finished with our duties we should stand up for prayer.  We should always ask for his help and to get closer to Him.  That does not mean we sshoudl not pray our prayers on time.  He is referring to making extra prayers and dua’ in our free time.

The ages for these lapbooks:

This lapbook is meant to be used with the Ad-Duha Institute Mini Tafseer Books.  You can purchase the Surat Ash-Sharh mini book or the Surat Ash-Sharh e-book.   Be sure to click the correct book format when purchasing.  You can buy each book separately or as a set.  Check out the pages of the books here.  I gave a book to each child so that they can color and participate by reading along with me.

These lapbooks can be used at the elementary level grades 1-6.  If you have older students you can have them read and do the minibook themselves.  They can either cut and paste the answers into the mini books or they can write it in themselves.  You can give them a quiz after a review to see if they have fully understood and retained the information.  I will be sharing a study guide and quiz later so be sure to keep a look out.

If you have younger readers you can read it together as a group and then you can help them cut and paste the answers inside the mini books.  The very young may not be able to do all the mini books.  You can pick and choose which ones you would like your students to do.  Another option is for the parent/teacher to cut out all mini books and paste them into the lapbook so it is ready for the younger student to use.  Then the parent or teacher can focus on spending time going over and explaining the surah.

If this is too easy for your older students then you can soon check out my Surat Ash-Sharh Notebooking Pages where they can write out what they know and learned from the surah.

How long will it take to complete this lapbook?

It all depends on you and your family.  Older students might finish in a few days to a week and younger students may take a couple of weeks or more.  Do not feel pressured to finish in a certain time.  Pace yourself and your kids to what best suits your family.

What is included in this lapbook?

  • Facts about the surah mini books
  • Vocabulary mini book
  • Trace the arabic letters of the surah
  • Tafseer mini book
  • Translation mini book
  • What you should say before reciting Quran mini book
  • 21 other mini books

Cover page for your children to color and glue to the front of the lapbook

sharh lp cover2.JPG-bn

lb pg2.JPG-bn

sharh lb3.JPG-bn

sharh lp7.JPG-bn

Back Pocket

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If you would like a copy of this lapbook you can purchase it in my shop here.

To see my other lapbooks please visit my shop here.

If you would like a copy of the Surat Ash-Sharh  Notebooking Pages, you can download them here.

Before you download my lapbooks or notebook pages, please note the following!


The content of this lapbook is copyrighted intellectual property and offered solely here for  purchase download and personal use(one household) exclusively.  I also offer classroom license if it is for a classroom or co-op setting.

This is an Amanah(trust) that the appropriate license will be purchased for the appropriate use.  May Allah(SWT) reward you in abundance for teaching our children.

If you find a mistake or would like me to add a minibook or have other ideas please leave a kind comment below or email me:   deanna@lessonsfromthegulf.com

Supplies Needed:

2 file folders (or 2 large sheets of construction paper)




Check out these links to see how I make the lapbooks.

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Hope it is of benefit.

Peace and Blessings,

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