January 18, 2022

Surat At-Taariq Notebooking Pages

Today I have for you Surat At-Taariq Notebooking Pages. There are some beneficial talks to listen to, to help with the understanding of the surah.

Listen to this lecture series of Surat At-Taariq by Nouman Ali Khan on the Bayyinah Website.   It is under the podcast tab.  Here are the links.

Surat At-Taariq ~ Part 1

Surat At-Taariq ~ Part 2

Main Page of both recordings

I have made different worksheets to go along with the surah. Each worksheet is labeled with a different topic and your student takes notes on the corresponding worksheet.

Basic Facts about Surat At-Taariq:

  • This surah is number 86 in the Quran.
  • It was revealed in Mecca.
  • It gets its name from the first ayah, the word At-Taariq which means The Night Visitor or Comer.
  • This surah teaches us how Allah has a plan for the universe.
  • We will all be tested and we have been given the Quran for guidance

Special Facts about this Surah:

Prophet Muhammad(SAAS) liked to recite this surah for ‘Isha prayer in congregation(Jamaa’)

Asbaab An-Nazool:

Asbaab An-Nazool is the story behind the revelation of the surah. Some scholars say the first three ayat of this surah were revealed one night when the Prophet’s (SAAS) uncle came to visit one evening. As they were eating, his uncle say a bright light and asked what that light could be. The Prophet(SAAS) responded that it was a meteor and that it was one of the signs of Allah(SWT). (Tafseer Ibn Kathir)

The scientific description of a meteor is that it is a rock that passes through the earth’s atmosphere. As it passes through the earth’s atmosphere it can appear as different colors depending on the composition of the rock and the air it is passing through. It is also known as a shooting star or falling star. In Islam we believe this but we also believe that it is a sign of Allah.


Shayaateen is the plural of shaytaan. A shaytaan is any being that tries to misguide people away from Islam. Shaytaan means enemy or astray. Shaytaan and his helpers want to gain control and confuse people. To cause confusion in one’s reasoning. The shayaateen that are mentioned in this surah are jinn. Jinn are independent and separate creatures that are unseen to humans. Allah says in Surat Al-Dhaariyaat(51), ayah 56, “And I created not jinns and humans, except that they should worship Me(alone).”

In Surat Al-Baqara(2) ayah34, Allah says “And remember when we said to the angels, prostrate yourselves before Adam(AS), and they prostrated except Iblees. He refused and was proud and arrogant and became one of the disbelievers.

Facts about jinn:

-Both human beings and jinn have free choice

-Every human being has been appointed a jinn as a constant companion.

-Some jinn are Muslims and some are disbelievers

-Allah has given the jinn powers not given to humans, like the ability to travel quickly

Allah says in Surat Al-Kahf ayah 50, “Behold! We said to the angels, ‘Bow down to Adam’. They bowed down except Iblees. He was one of the jinn and he broke the command of His Lord.  Will ye then take him and his progeny as protectors rather than Me? And they are enemies to you! Evil would be the exchange for the wrong-doers!”

Iblees was arrogant and proud. He thought he was better because he was made from smokeless fire and Adam(AS) was made from clay. At this point he knew he was going to Jahannam and vowed to mislead the children of Adam(AS). In Surah Al-Hijr ayah 36, “Iblees said, “My Lord, then reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.”

[Allah] said, “So indeed, you are of those reprieved.” Allah gave Iblees permission but warned that the true believers would never be led away from the right path, only those with faith.

Allah begins Surat At-Taariq swearing by two things. This means it is very important and is helping to understand more about the message. Allah is swearing by the sky and At-Taariq. Allah continues to tell us that At-Taariq is a bright star. The Mufasareen(scholars of the Quran) have explained this to mean that it is the brightest star in the sky that suddenly appears. Some say this is a meteor.

Allah continues to tell us that each one of us has a protector watching over us. The Mufasarren have explained this to mean that we each have a guardian angel.

The next several ayat talk about Allah’s plan for the universe. He tells us to look at the creation and the signs around us. How we were created from a very delicate fluid.

In the next few verses we see how the earth is brought back to life again when rain falls from the skies. Because of the rain you get new life, sprouting plants and new plantations. The surah continues to say that this book should not be taken lightly. Though the rejecters have not given heed to the Quran and continue to plan and mislead, in the end they will have to answer to their Lord. And Allah is the best of planners.

I will be making notebook pages for all of Juzz Amma InshaAllah.  So please keep a look out.

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