March 20, 2024

Phases of the Moon Craft


Today I have for you a simple Phases of the Moon craft. This was a fun project to make with the kids. To make it even easier I have a free template with the names of the phases and the moons.

With Ramadan upon us I wanted to show my kids how we look for the new moon to start Ramadan. So I decided to make this craft to show them the different phases the moon passes through until it becomes a new moon again. Most of the supplies you probably already have in your home.


  • 2 paper plates
  • dark blue paint (for night sky)
  • silver or gold paint (for sparkle)
  • black paint(for the moons)
  • moon stickers(if not painting)
  • brad
  • math compass
  • ruler
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • paint brushes
  • small piece of cardboard
  • pencil
  • star stickers
  • sheet of names of moon phases & moons

Hope you and kids enjoy this fun, little project!

Be sure to download the free Moons and names sheet.

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