May 28, 2015

Surat Quraysh Lapbook


I have another fun lapbook to show you today.  Surat Quraysh Lapbook.  InshaAllah you and your children find it of benefit.

Surah Summary:

This surah is a Meccan surah and it supplements Surat Al-Fil.  It describes the blessings the Quraysh had and how they should be thankful for their high status.  The Quraysh and the citizens of Mecca settled there because of the importance of the Holy Kabah.  Many people from Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula came to Mecca to do the pilgrimage and to do business.  They would travel between Syria and Yemen for the purposes of trade and it is with Allah’s grace that they traveled safe and were undisturbed on their journeys.

It was the position of the Quraysh with regard to the Kabah that they received respect and honor from the people of Mecca.  They were well known and loved for their hospitality.  Allah(SWT) planned to keep them safe because it was with the advent of Islam and the Holy Prophet(SAAS) were to emerge from that tribe.  And because of this honor they later became prime enemies of Islam.

In the beginning with the advent of Islam, their fear was losing their status they had in the economic and political fields in that region.  Then later evil was committed for other worldly motives.  The Qurasyh should have been thankful for all that Allah(SWT) had blessed them with.   Despite being in a desert, Allah had blessed them with much prosperity and wealth.

Allah also protected them from Abraha, who was an enemy of the Quraysh.  He was the governor of Abyssinia at that time and wanted everyone to come to his city.  He wanted to destroy the Kabah so people would not visit Mecca anymore, but Allah destroyed him and his army.  We will talk more about this in the next surah I’ll be covering, Surat Al-Fil.

This surah was revealed to remind the Quraysh how Allah(SWT) had given many blessings in the form of wealth but also protection form the enemies.

The ages for these lapbooks

This lapbook is meant to be used with the Ad-Duha Institute Mini Tafseer Books.  You can purchase the Surat Quraysh mini book or you can purchase the Surat Quraysh e-book and print it out yourself.  You can buy each book separately or as a set.  Check out the pages of the books here.  I gave a book to each child so that they can color and participate by reading along with me.

These lapbooks can be used at the elementary level grades 1-6.  If you have older students you can have them read and do the minibooks themselves.  They can either cut and paste the answers into the mini books or they can write it in themselves.  You can give them a quiz after a review to see if they have fully understood and retained the information.  I will be sharing a study guide and quiz later so be sure to keep a look out.

If you have younger readers you can read it together as a group and then you can help them cut and paste the answers inside the mini books.  The very young may not be able to do all the mini books.  You can pick and choose which ones you would like your students to do.  Another option is for the parent/teacher to cut out all mini books and paste them into the lapbook so it is ready for the younger student to use.  Then the parent or teacher can focus on spending time going over and explaining the surah.

If this is too easy for your older students then you can soon check out my Surat Quraysh Notebooking Pages where they can write out what they know and learned from the surah.  Keep a look out.

How long will it take to complete this lapbook?

It all depends on you and your family.  Older students might finish in a few days to a week and younger students may take a couple of weeks or more.  Do not feel pressured to finish in a certain time.  Pace yourself and your kids to what best suits your family.

What is included in this lapbook?

  • Facts about the surah mini books
  • Vocabulary mini book
  • Trace the arabic letters of the surah
  • Tafseer mini book
  • Translation mini book
  • What you should say before reciting Quran mini book
  • Asbaab An-Nazool mini book
  • 19 other mini books

Cover page for your children to color and glue to the front of the lapbook


Vocabulary & Translation Mini book




If you would like a to purchase this lapbook, you can do so here.

To purchase my other lapbooks, check out my shop here.

If you would like a copy of the Surat Quraysh Notebooking Pages, you can download them here.

If you find a mistake or would like me to add a minibook please leave a kind comment below.


Before you download my lapbooks or notebook pages, please note the following!


The content of this lapbook is copyrighted intellectual property and offered solely here for  purchase download and personal use(one household) exclusively.  I also offer classroom license if it is for a classroom or co-op setting.

This is an Amanah(trust) that the appropriate license will be purchased for the appropriate use.  May Allah(SWT) reward you in abundance for teaching our children.

Supplies Needed:

2 file folders (or 2 large sheets of construction paper)




Check out this link to see how I make these lapbooks.

What is a lapbook?

How to make a lapbook tutorial-Check out my YouTube channel

Hope it is of benefit.

Peace and Blessings,

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