Surah Lapbooks Mega Pack Volume 3-PERSONAL USE

**INSTANT DOWNLOAD** This volume includes surahs from Surat Ash-Sharh to Surat Al-Burooj.

I am offering these 10 surah lapbooks in one pack at a discounted price. This item is an instant download and for PERSONAL USE-ONE HOUSEHOLD exclusively.

If you would like this for a Classroom or Co-op, you will need to purchase the Classroom/Co-Op version here.  

This Mega Pack includes the following surah lapbooks:

  • Surat Ash-Sharh
  • Surat Ad-Dhuha
  • Surat Al-Layl
  • Surat Ash-Shams
  • Surat Al-Balad
  • Surat Al-Fajr
  • Surat Al-Ghashiyah
  • Surat Al-A'la
  • Surat At-Tariq
  • Surat Al-Burooj

This is for elementary aged students. You can pick and choose which minibooks you would like to use depending on the age of your students.

These lapbook units are used alongside the Ad-Duha Institute Mini Tafseer Book, but it can be used alone as well because the minibooks are facts that can be found in any book.

Each lapbook contains many minibooks, vocabulary, tafsir, specific questions about the surah and much more!

To view a sample of the inside of a lapbook, click here.

This package is for single household exclusively. 

To purchase classroom/co-op version, click here.

Surah Lapbook Mega pack Volume 3 - Single School License