September 25, 2015

Surat Al-Bayyinah Lapbook Templates

 Bayyinah lp front-bn

I have another fun lapbook to share with you today.  Surat Al-Bayyinah Lapbook.  InshaAllah you and your children find it of benefit.

Facts about the Surah:

Surat Al-Bayyinah is surah number 98 in the Quran.  It was revealed in Madinah, after the hijrah.  It gets its name from the word Bayyinah in the first ayah.  This surah is also known by the name Surah Lam Yakoon. This surah is about the books and prophets Allah has sent to guide us.  This surah is special because Allah told the Prophet(SAAS) to recite it to Ubayy Ibn Ka’b (RA), who is one of his companions.  This was such a great honor. Ubayy Ibn Ka’b had  a lot of titles in his life.  He was:
  • Sahaaba
  • Ansaar
  • Moojaahid
  • Prophet’s Scribe
  • Best Recitor of the Quran
  • Hufaazdh
  • Wrote a Moos-huf

Surah Summary:

This surah is about Ah-lil-Ketaab (People of the Book) and the Moshreekeen (Polytheists).  The People of the Book believed they would not leave this world until clear evidence was sent and the polytheists would not leave doing their bad deeds until Allah let them know it was wrong by sending clear evidence.  So Allah did send a new prophet and with him a new, pure book.   It would teach mankind the correct way to live. So when the clear evidence was sent down, the People of the Book and the Polytheists rejected him because the did not want to hear the truth.  They wanted to continue following their worldly desires.  The were commanded to worship One God and to believe in Him.  They were also commanded to establish prayer and give in charity.  Allah continues to say in this surah that those who hear the message but reject it will be people of the worst creation and they will be in Jahannam forever.  This does not mean that everyone will be going except Muslims. What it does mean is that anyone who knows the message but does not accept it that they have rejected the most precious gift of all…guidance. And anyone who listens to Allah and follows the Prophet(SAAS) and the Book are the best of creation.  The Sahaaba, companions of the Prophet, were People of the Book and Polytheists, had listened to the Prophet and became Muslims.  Now that does not mean that if someone says the are Muslim they are on the right path.  It means that those who are Muslim or become Muslim, who follow the Quran and Sunnah have accepted the guidance will be given Jannah.

How long will it take to complete this lapbook?

It all depends on you and your family.  Older students might finish in a few days to a week and younger students may take a couple of weeks or more.  Do not feel pressured to finish in a certain time.  Pace yourself and your kids to what best suits your family.

What is included in this lapbook?

  • Facts about the surah mini books
  • Vocabulary mini book
  • Trace the arabic letters of the surah
  • Tafseer mini book
  • Translation mini book
  • What you should say before reciting Quran mini book
  • 19 other mini books

 Cover page for the kids to color

Bayyinah lp cover-bn

Tafsir and Vocabulary Mini-books

Bayyinah lp pg7-bn

Bayyinah lp pg1-bn

Bayyinah lp pg5-bn

Bayyinah lp pg2-bn

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Before you download my lapbooks or notebook pages, please note the following!


The content of this lapbook is copyrighted intellectual property and offered solely here for  purchase download and personal use(one household) exclusively.  I also offer classroom license if it is for a classroom or co-op setting.

This is an Amanah(trust) that the appropriate license will be purchased for the appropriate use.  May Allah(SWT) reward you in abundance for teaching our children.

Supplies Needed:

2 file folders (or 2 large sheets of construction paper) scissors glue tape

Check out these links to see how I make the lapbooks.

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Hope it is of benefit.

Peace and Blessings,

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