August 30, 2021

Surat Al-Ghaashiya Notebook Pages

Today I have for you Surat Al-Ghaashiya Notebooking Pages. There are some beneficial talks to listen to, to help with the understanding of the surah.

Listen to this lecture series of Surat Al-Ghaashiya by Nouman Ali Khan on the Bayyinah Website.   It is under the podcast tab.  Here are the links.

Surat Al-Ghaashiya ~ Part 1

Surat Al-Ghaashiya ~ Part 2

I have made different worksheets to go along with the surah. Each worksheet is labeled with a different topic and your student takes notes on the corresponding worksheet.

Basic Facts about Surat Al-Ghaashiya:

  • This surah is number 88 in the Quran.
  • It was revealed in Mecca.
  • It gets its name from the first ayah, the word Ghaashiya which means Overwhelming Event.
  • This surah is about peoples faces; if they will be happy or sad on Yawm Al-Qiyamah
  • If they people will be given Jannah or Jahannam

Special Facts about this Surah:

Prophet Muhammad(SAAS) liked to recite this surah on Salat Al-Jum’aa and for both the Eid prayers.

Surah Summary:

This surah mainly contains three themes:

  • The first is the contrast between the good and evil in the hereafter
  • The second is the creation all around us-the sky, mountains and the earth. We should reflect on the complexity and perfection of it all
  • The third are the duties of the Prophet(SAAS)- he was commanded to teach us

Description of Jannah(Heaven):

It is a beautiful garden with a flowing spring. It is of overwhelming beauty. More beautiful than anything we know of in this life. Allah(SWT) tells us 6 things about Jannah in this surah.

  • You will never hear unpleasant speech. No one will say anything bad or mean to make anyone feel sad. Only nice and pleasant things will be heard.
  • It will have a beautiful flowing spring that anyone can drink from. It will be refreshing and delicious.
  • There will be high sofas to sit and see the beauty of the garden. No one will feel tired or uncomfortable
  • There will be cups to drink from that never get empty and are always within reach.
  • There will be pillows or cushions lined up. There will be plenty of pillows for everyone to be comfortable
  • There will be beautiful carpets spread out.

Description of JahannamI(Hell):

Jahannam is overwhelmingly hot. Hotter than anything we know of in this life. There are things to eat and drink but they are not anything we would want to eat. In Jahannam there is a spring of boiling water to drink from. To eat there is a fruit called a Daree’. It is described as being a dried, poisonous fruit that has thorns and will make you sick when you eat it. It is a punishment from Allah for those who did not listen.

Creations to reflect upon:

There are four creations Allah(SWT) mentions in this surah for us to reflect upon. These creations are meant for us to see the miraculous proofs of Allah’s creations. Allah can create whatever He wills.

  • The creation of the camels
  • How the sky is raised high
  • How the mountains are set firmly in place
  • How the earth is spread out

Dimaa bin Tha’labah

This man was a bedouin who came to the Prophet(SAAS) and asked him about the creations around him. He was not an educated man but he could see the miraculous creations around him and would reflect upon them. He asked the Prophet(SAAS) who created them and the he replied that Allah created it all. He went on to ask him about the duties one is to perform.

I will be making notebook pages for all of Juzz Amma InshaAllah.  So please keep a look out.

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